Monday, January 3, 2011

new year, new blog

I visit a lot of blogs. I skim read text but devour endlessly evocative and vibrant photographs, and I’ve come to the realisation that I don’t blog myself very regularly because I often don’t feel like I have anything particularly exciting to write about, let alone photograph well, and upload for the consumption of others. Especially not when compared to such imaginative, alluring and well-presented blogs as calivintage, gary pepper vintage, and bleubird vintage, some of my favourites.

Because I am not that cool. And I don’t mean that I’m a dork who gives that stuff no credibility, which usually means you end up being cool in a different, alternative way. I inhabit the slightly awkward, geeky, in-between, but still really not cool, middle ground. I don’t really dig the latest trends or the newest, hottest brands, and I’m also not wholly into anything too alternative, or hipster or geek-chic stuff. I’m not super creative or artistic. I don’t travel a lot or to exotic places. I probably don’t see things in the same whimsical way that other, cooler, bloggers do. I use the word “dig” like they did in the 70s! I probably say “groovy” too much as well, yikes. Honestly, I just love vintage clothing, have an obsession with collecting it, and love passing some of it on to other people.

So I’m not going to write endless inspiration posts, images repeated from weheartit or random google image searches. Or outfit posts because frankly I sometimes wear the same vintage dress two days running, and not in a uniform project kind of way. I don’t think I’m particularly inspirational, and without wanting to explore my neuroses too deeply, I have a tendency to see the glass as not just being half-empty, but in fact totally empty and usually chipped. Yeesh.

So even though I don’t fully believe in making new year’s resolutions, 2011 is the year I’m going to attempt to:

- Look for life’s fun and colour every day, because I’ve been missing seeing it for too long.
- Get some focus back into renvintage, because reading other blogs all day, and alt + tabbing back to facebook and twitter every 5 seconds is no way to focus on editing photos / writing item descriptions, and no way to get things done!
- Blog more often! And not just about big things or cool purchases or other peoples’ pretty pictures (except above...), but about whatever I feel like, and especially about awesome vintage things.

And of course, I have the usual gym and healthy eating intentions too, because much as I enjoy photographing my lovely housemate Karen, I would like to start modeling my vintage finds again - it’s just so much easier to ask myself to keep changing clothes and stand outside in the front yard for hours on end. And efficiency in photoshoots means more vintage listings in the store.

Despite the slightly incoherent ramblings herein, I have good feelings about this new year.

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