Thursday, August 19, 2010

spring is, well, springing!

It's been so warm here today, and although it's due to get chillier again over the next few days, it's quite clear that my second* favourite time of year - spring - is in the air. In fact, it's so nearly here, you can almost smell it. Or maybe you can already if you get pollen allergies! :( If so, console yourself with the contents of the renvintage shop update which this week includes some great transeasonal pieces that will see out the remainder of the chilly days and then into the warmer months ahead. Check out the new listings and get spring ready!

*Sorry, but winter is still my fave. Perhaps it's my childhood memories of miserable British winters, but there's just nothing like crisp bright winter days in Sydney - you can see your own breathe, you get to rug up in layers with boots, stockings, chunky knits and a blazer, and you're still able to go and sit in the sun to warm up. I still have that change of season excitement with spring's nicer temperatures but all too soon, summer and its relentless heat and humidity will set in, causing me to melt like a little snowflake! Lucky I'm headed to Europe later this year ;)

Anyway on with the spring-ready vintage...

This and much more starting tonight in the shop, check 'em all out.


  1. Lovely photos and all of your store items are so lovely! We Australians are so lucky to have such generous op-shops :) Sharon xx

  2. I love love love that first dress its so gorgeous!! xx

  3. Me too, just wish it wasn't so short cause it doesn't work on me at all! :\