Monday, August 2, 2010


Ah, I'm such a slack blogger! I've neglected it completely in the last few weeks. I'm just so much more used to micro-blogging, (I'll admit I'm a twitter addict), which means this whole "put more thought in it and upload photos" method of communication just seems like it requires so much more effort! Yes, I'm the kind of friend to text instead of writing emails too, sigh. I figure motivating myself to blog more often might also make me a better friend.

In fact, I have delayed posting so much that the reason for this blog is now several weeks behind me. Tsk. But I should still share because I did a crazy thing - I decided at a moment's notice to drive from Sydney to Melbourne and back in 5 days.

I had received an invitation to a renewable energy event in Ballarat, VIC which I was keen to attend, so about 3 hours before I left, I borrowed a sleeping bag and my boyfriend's GPS, mapped out a vague route, packed some clothes, booked a night at a YHA in Canberra, and drove into the night.

I had only 3 real commitments; to leave Sydney on Sunday evening, to be in Ballarat on Wednesday evening, and to be back in Sydney on Friday afternoon, so outside of those limitations, I decided to go with the wind a little. I'm not very good at being organised anyway, so sorting out places to sleep for the night every day as the sun went down suited me just fine.

my eventual route

Of course, one of the main reasons I decided to go on this crazy journey was to get to as many opshops in as many country towns along the way as possible! Sydney's opshops are getting ridiculously expensive for the torn, stained or just plain well worn and non-vintage stock they generally carry, and although you can still find gold on occasion, you have to have a lot more commitment and luck! I'm happy to report that although the prices have risen a bit, country opshops do still have great loot...

coming soon to renvintage on ebay and/or Surry Hills markets!

I had a pretty crappy night's sleep on the first night as the Canberra YHA had their airconditioning set to 'baking', which was not something I was prepared for, especially considering it was about 2 degrees outside at the time. During the 2.5 hours of fitful sleep I managed to get, I dreamt that the building was on fire, and then that I was in an oven... then awoke at 3.45am and was totally unable to sleep after that. I tried to fix things by purchasing a really huge strong coffee and some toast, and hitting the road with a serious case of the grump. Luckily my crappy night and crabby mood were soon placated by some good tunes on the radio, some beautiful scenery and some amazing vintage finds along the way.

My trip also included seeing kangaroos in fields, being terrified of seeing kangaroos on windy country roads, lots of morning fog, sunshine, wind turbines, beautiful riverina scenery, rolling green hills , a giant concrete sheep and one too many windscreen cracks.

If I had the trip over again, I would have taken along a friend (or my long-suffering boyfriend who is super patient and frequently car-bound whilst I'm opshopping), because as fun as it was, it was a little lonely and much much harder to take photos on the road! I would have liked to have taken a photo of every new welcome sign whenever I drove into a new town, shire or state, but alas, it's kind of dangerous to do that when you're the driver... Here are some pics that I did manage to steal though...

$60 and a trip to a windscreen repair place later, it's still a bit cracked and in need of fixing :\

fog on the road to Albury-Wodonga

wind turbines, woo :)

giant concrete sheep

total kilometres traveled, phew!

I totally have the roadtripping bug now. Growing up overseas, I still have so much to see of this country, so I reckon my next trip should take me into the vast interior of this wide brown land.


  1. Whoooooooaaaa! I seriously had no idea you had travelled so far! Insane!!!


  2. Yeah, it was a bit mental! Fun though, I'd do it again :)

  3. wow!! that's insane! but it seems fun at the same time ;D I used to be in a road trip once when I was a kid, all I did back then was just sleeping at the back of the car ;p